A  Smart Nation initiative (Singapore registered)

Conceived in Year 2000, born in 2015 – aligning with Singapore’s Golden Jubilee! Born in Singapore — to connect and communicate with the world in smart new ways! That’s the story behind www.smartisland.com! 

Smart Island has its thrust on spurring knowledge sharing in this technology-centric era, where information sits on the pedestal, and embrace business, going beyond monetization of avenues.

Our emphasis is on:

  • Smart platforms for learning, working, playing, buying, selling, communicating and more — put crisply, it is all about living life smart in an innovation-driven world
  • Strategy and Time Management

    Strategy and Time Management

    Research and Thought Leadership – A threadbare analysis of what a Smart Nation is all about and what makes a nation Intelligent! Is intelligence inherent or artificial and wearable? If yes, is AI gaining traction a positive development? You can look for interesting insights into developments geared for the next generation.

Our Business Focus

Smart Island Credentials This is also a portal launched to:

  • stimulate debate in a spirit of intellectual freedom with responsible restraint and
  • celebrate innovation and technological excellence in alignment with Singapore’s Golden Jubilee (SG50)

Breakthroughs in Technology Trapped in a Web of Terminology

Breakthroughs 2For all the magic emerging technologies weave around the Web they tend to get trapped in a terminological mesh.

Even as the Internet of Things (IoT) has become the new frontier revolutionising the way we live, it is the evolution of an idea that could be traced to M2M (Machine to Machine) communications.

But just what are the “Things” that IoT refers to?

  • Does the expression adequately capture the essence of technology-enabled transformations the world has begun to expect?
  • Doesn’t it sound too rudimentary when it represents change steeped in iot-2014logosophistication?
  • Is that why Cisco Systems likes to give it a little twist while embracing what it calls the Internet of Everything (IoE)?

The “things” in IoT are anything that can be assigned an IP address and embedded with sensors to build intelligence into everything that could mean a world of difference to society. IoT image The “thing” could mean a person, an animal or even a thing (object) facilitating smart communications, equipped as they are with the necessary apparatus for transfer of data over a network. Singapore and the Smart Island Factor But what has Smart Island got to do with it all? They are not without relevance as this is a portal designed to:

  • stimulate debate in a spirit of intellectual freedom with responsible restraint, and
  • evolve into an all-embracing e-commerce platform with primary focus on the youth.

Tech Overhaul Exciting happenings await Singaporeans as the Government has set about to give the country a technological overhaul and turn data into meaningful experiences. Here are a few things that will combine to make Singapore the world’s first Smart Nation by 2025, transforming life for its citizens.

  • IoT / IoE / M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communications
  •  Big Data Analytics
  •  Cutting-Edge Sensors
  •  Wearable Technologies with meaningful applications (monitoring health, for instance)

A clip on the Earlier Mona Lisa Exhibition that had a two-month run in Singapore between December 2014 and February 11, 2015 in a world premiere.  Smart Island is home to everything the young and the young-at-heart cherish — fashion, education, books, music, cinema, sports and what not. A virtual home where they can shop, learn, and play in smart new ways!

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