Who, What, Where and How!


 Who are We!

Conceived in Year 2000, born in 2015! That’s the story behind www.smartisland.com!

Born in Singapore — to connect and communicate with the world in smart new ways.

The plan is to drive knowledge sharing in this technology-centric era, where information sits on the pedestal, and to embrace business, where the thrust goes beyond monetization of avenues.

Our emphasis is on:

  • Smart platforms for learning, working, playing, buying, selling, communicating and more — put crisply, it is all about living life smart in an innovation-driven world that is becoming increasingly smart in every conceivable way!
  • Strategy and Time Management

    Strategy and Time Management

    Research and Thought Leadership – A threadbare analysis of what a Smart Nation is all about and what makes a nation Intelligent! For instance, is intelligence inherent or artificial and wearable? If yes, is AI gaining traction a positive development? You can look for interesting insights into developments geared for the next generation.

Our Business Focus

Smart Island is a Smart Nation initiative (Singapore registered) with focus on:

This is also a portal designed to:

  • stimulate debate in a spirit of intellectual freedom with responsible restraint andsg50a
  • celebrate innovation and technological excellence in alignment with Singapore’s Golden Jubilee (SG50)

The seeds for this were sown in Year 2000, with the registration of the domain, in line with Singapore’s emergence as an Intelligent Island by the millennium year.

A prefatory site was even set afloat in Year 2000. It could hit the mainstream only in 2015, with a commercial strategy in place but biding time for gadgetry to get it fully going.

The long wait is not without reason but the launch now is timely with Singapore having stepped into its Golden Jubilee (SG50) year with a bold new plan to make it the world’s first smart nation within the next decade.

Should the Nation Be “Smart”?

Whether the nation needs to be smart in a technological manifestation is quite another question. Even as machines are assuming a mighty sweep, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and cognitive scientists of good standing have voiced concerns over the unbridled rise of artificial intelligence (AI).

Their fears about machine intelligence outsmarting humans and posing an apocalyptic threat may not be as far-fetched as they sound. But that can only be a debatable point as there is no force that can steer the world away from the AI tsunami.

Smart Island is home to everything the young and the young-at-heart cherish — fashion, education, books, music, cinema, sports and what not. A place where they can shop, learn, chat, and play. Their very own virtual home, a site where they all belong. Born in Singapore — born to take the wired world by storm.

Sing paeans to Singapore

Perhaps come 2025 we will have the opportunity to say bingo and sing paeans to Singapore for its success in integrating technology, networks and data seamlessly and “changing the way people live, learn, work and play”, a Cisco tagline capturing the new-generation streak.

Geared to ride the wave of the future by giving Singaporeans an e-home they will love to frequent, Smart Island is home to everything the young and the young at heart cherish – fashion, education, books, music, cinema, sports and what not.

Singapore_ArtScience_Museum_t658x358A place where they can learn, play and shop. A site they can call their own! Born in Singapore, born to embrace the e-world in its totality.

There’s More…

Here is a snapshot of what more you can expect at Smart Island:

Learn – Information on what is hot and what is not in terms of value education will be at your finger-tips. You will be encouraged to be in the know, with the latest news from the world of learning that can inspire you to pursue meaningful education.

  • Young entrepreneurs – Special features on the young and successful, to inspire and spur people to get on to the fast track

Work – The next logical step…Find job offers knocking at your e-door from around the world.

sentosa-island-beachPlay – Dabble in the new-age pastime of playing online, and we are not referring to casinos. Games online of every hue are made available especially for the young to relax and relish.

Entertain Yourself – What is in and what is out in music and cinema. Plus get the latest about your favourite pop and cinema stars in a capsule.

Dress Up – Be in step with what is happening where in the world of fashion.

Stay Fit – We put you through a fitness regimen to keep you as far away from doctors as possible

Buy – Strut your stuff by pampering yourself with the best in fashion, from Paris to Singapore. From books and sports gear to food and jewellery, there is a world of newbies for you to pick and buy at Smart Island

Travel – Make yourself culturally compatible through leisure travel and soak in the sights the world has to offer, and this is not online though exciting offers are especially available for youth.

Happy exploring!