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silogo05It is not just RFPs that we focus on. From books and theses to newspapers and manuals, we can make your work look wholly professional with slick editing. We offer complete editorial services for corporate newsletters, newspapers and magazines. We invite you to come to us for the following services: (Listed below is a summary of the services e-edit provides. Please check out the individual pages for more information.)

  • Newspapers/Magazines/Newsletters. Give your publications the benefit of a professional edit.
  • Industry White Papers. Never allow your technical expertise to be undermined by amateurish writing.
  • Press Releases/Media Relations. We know what exactly the press looks for and how.
  • Journalistic Writing. If you don’t have a correspondent in Singapore/South-East Asia, we can fill the gap.
  • Rewriting. With just bare details, we can shape a story for you.
  • Translation. English to Tamil and vice versa; English to Filipino and vice versa; English to Spanish and vice versa
  • Graphic Design. Document enhancement by visual communication

Newspaper, Magazines and Newsletters: With the concept of a borderless world becoming a reality, thanks to the Internet, subbing services for even daily newspapers can be provided online. Led by a former full-time journalist, with strong newspaper and magazine experience, Smart Island adds value to publications with professional editing, rewriting and writing. For company newsletters, we even provide design services.

The one common lament of newspaper bosses the world over is that their search for good subeditors is often a futile exercise. Utilise our services, you will get more than you bargained for. Rest assured, the quality of our editing will match the best in the industry.

Key Benefits

  • Professional editing
  • No overheads
  • Time/cost saving

Industry White Papers. Let your customers, prospects and competitors know your strengths in technology, both current and emerging. Let not weak language stand in the way. Surely you wouldn’t want all your research toil to be reduced to nought, all because your white papers are not properly structured and packaged. We can make them eminently presentable with a thorough job. You will see how your original thoughts sparkle. Don’t forget that first impressions are crucial.

Key Benefits

  • Adding value to your research
  • Editing to perfection
  • Taking language worries off you

Press/Media Publicity. If you are interested in good media publicity for your company/products, we can help write or edit press releases for you.

With our substantial experience in the media, we know exactly what kind of information they expect and how.

Journalistic Writing. If you are a publishing firm without a correspondent in South-East Asia, we can provide you with daily reports and objective analysis from Singapore on a freelance basis.

We can meet the demands of news, business and technology publications.

Key Benefits

  • Versatile reporting
  • No overheads, you only pay for what you get
  • Clean copy

Capabilities. Thanks to the rich experience of the team in journalism, both reporting and subbing, we can write and edit with authority on a range of subjects, from politics to business.

Rewriting. Quite often, even with a concept at your fingertip, you may see yourself spending a lot of time thinking of working out a nice intro and of the structure a write-up should take. You may not only find it frustrating but also realise that it is not a productive way of getting your work done. You can come to us even with a telegraphic, matter-of-fact piece giving the basic details, we can rewrite it in such a manner that it meets your objectives and captures the readers’ attention.

If you have fresh ideas but are finding it difficult, or are quite simply hampered by a lack of time, to organise them and produce a cogent piece we can help. Just jot down the ideas and send them over to us, we will give you a comprehensive story. Imagine the time and trouble we save for you, at unbeatable prices!

But we also give you the guarantee that if you do not want any rewriting and that you would like your style to be retained, there will be no deviation whatsoever. We will keep our role in such instances limited to eliminating mistakes, grammatical or factual. We do not believe in making unnecessary changes, as we are aware that too much of rewriting where that is not required may result in needless complications and delay the release of the end product.

Translations. Currently, our translation work is limited to English translation from Tamil, Filipino and Spanish, and vice versa. The scope can range from movie scripts and sub-titling to books and speeches.

  • Investment / Trading

Professional independence is a dream for many. Making the right investments at the right time, with minimal risk, can take you there.  But trading is a complex activity requiring a significant amount of time for research and investment. One needs to go beyond candle-stick charting and factor in such other parameters as Fibonacci, RSI, Stochastics, MacD, Bollinger Band, Moving Averages and more.

Moreover, we have to keep track of market-related developments, including the variety of reports coming out of the US, Europe and Asia on a mindboggling array of subjects (manufacturing, inflation, unemployment, wage rise and what not) on a regular basis.

Then there is the critical factor of company financials and fundamentals which take investors beyond technical analysis. Without a firm grip on it all, trading will remain a gamble where you are guaranteed to lose.

Smart Island can provide you with authoritative guidance on how you can go about exercising your interest in investments and profiting from it.

Getting professional advice is always ideal. There are credible companies such as CapitalVia which can give you daily recommendations on a range of investment avenues, both for short-term and medium-term gains. This covers recommendations for SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange) and Malaysian market, forex, CFDs, comex and more.

They have a team of more than 150 researchers spending on average about 5000 hours in research to bring recommendations to their clients.

They offer one or two recommendations a day via SMS and phone calls with clear instructions on when to enter and when to exit.

Some Trading Tips

  • Cutting Loss: Cutting loss is the key to successful trading as not every trade can go the way you want.
  • Otherwise, you risk sinking deeper into the red and having your investment locked with a futile trade.
  • Start with a target and strictly abide by it without succumbing to the temptation of abandoning trading discipline. Once you have met your daily target avoid getting into further trades hoping for further gains but that can make you lose whatever is already in your kitty.
  • During holidays in some key markets, you too can take a break and avoid pumping in money. Trading on those days can be thin and risky.
  • Don’t be too aggressive and be realistic with your expectations.

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