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  • How many times have you missed the deadline for RFP submissions and had to scramble for extensions all because you did not have dedicated in-house resources to handle them?

Every company in business can pull out a litany of examples of such lost opportunities.smart

  • Can you afford such meek surrenders, particularly when the potential contracts that you are giving up on can be worth millions of dollars?
  • Or even when you have bravely decided to jump into the battlefront, how many times have you regretted it after producing a shoddy bunch of paper volumes in the name of RFI and RFP responses. Such unprofessional work can cost you jobs even if the solutions you propound are technically sound.

If RFIs and RFPs keep falling on your lap rapidly in an intensely competitive marketplace, how is it possible to respond to all of them? If the posers sound familiar, you are not alone. Even multi-billion-dollar multinationals with their own in-house technical writing personnel and bids and proposals specialists are struggling to keep pace with the ever-surging demands of the RFP machinery.

Well, fret no more, you now have access to professional help online. Count on Smart Island to carry the bid management and proposal development process through to its timely conclusion with a professional execution.

Smart Island CredentialsSmart Island Credentials

Smart Island aims to:

  • take professional editing to the doors of businesses
  • help them realise their objectives
  • lower their overheads and
  • contribute to growing their bottomline

This can be significant as the cost of doing business is becoming increasingly prohibitive amid an intensely competitive milieu.

This may force companies to initiate EBIT-enhancing effort but they run the risk of being saddled with professional mediocrity that could scuttle their long-term goals.

Outsourcing bid management to us will help you avoid any such unpleasant outcome while giving you the assurance of data protection with complete confidentiality.logo

Our Credentials


  • The leader of this group, Joslin Vethakumar, has more than 18 years of pioneering bid management experience having served technology giants such as Cisco Systems and Lucent Technologies besides a leader in managed services, BT (British Telecom) Global Services.

He has a strong win rate and has managed more than 500 complex bids, with some having a value in excess of US$1 billion.

Our Mission

To let businesses stay focused on their core activity by ridding them of the pain that comes with proposal writing. We will go all out to make you win the project(s) you are bidding for.

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