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From newspapers and magazines to newsletters and pamphlets, from books and theses to technical publications and manuals, we can make your work look wholly professional with slick editing.

 A sloppy piece is the last thing you’ll want when you set out writing.

Every thought that counts, every cause you espouse and every idea you seek to convey can simply fail to evoke the desired response if structure becomes a casualty.

A scenario every potential writer will dread. But with our professional editorial services you can see dramatic results.

silogo05Quality of Writing, a Make-or-Break Task

Be they multi-volume bids and proposals or daily newspapers, tasks are becoming increasingly daunting, with buyers being more demanding than ever, rightly so, in seeking good value for their money. Complying with their prescriptions can, therefore, be arduous.

Whatever the end product, across the board from goldsmiths to wordsmiths, the focus is consistently on quality.

You can count on us to deliver the very best for all your editing needs. Our experience and standing in the industry will vouch for our ability to do just that.

Smart Island Credentials, writing and editing Smart Island Credentials, writing and editing


In a changing marketplace, you stand to gain by outsourcing, which is becoming the byword in most industries, including that of information technology and engineering. It is no secret that even multinational IT giants rely on contract manufacturers to lessen their burden and costs.

Companies outsourcing the maintenance of their IT networks is not uncommon either. So, why not editing, or even writing and production?

Come to us, we will show you how your work can be turned into pieces with the potential to yield more than the expected dividends.

Key Benefits

Led by a former full-time journalist, with strong newspaper and magazine experience, Smart Island adds value to publications with professional editing, rewriting and writing. For company newsletters, we even provide design services.

  • Professional editing
  • No overheads
  • Time/cost saving

Press/Media Publicity. If you are interested in good media publicity for your company/products, we can help write or edit press releases for you.

With our substantial experience in the media, we know exactly what kind of information they expect and how.

Journalistic Writing. If you are a publishing firm without a correspondent in South-East Asia, we can provide you with daily reports and objective analysis from Singapore on a freelance basis.

We can meet the demands of news, business and technology publications.

Key Benefits

  • Versatile reporting
  • No overheads, you only pay for what you get
  • Clean copy

Capabilities. Thanks to the rich experience of the team in journalism, both reporting and subbing, we can write and edit with authority on a range of subjects, from politics to business.

Rewriting. Quite often, even with a concept at your fingertip, you may see yourself spending a lot of time thinking of working out a nice intro and of the structure a write-up should take. You may not only find it frustrating but also realise that it is not a productive way of getting your work done.

You can come to us even with a telegraphic, matter-of-fact piece giving the basic details, we can rewrite it in such a manner that it meets your objectives and captures the readers’ attention.

If you have fresh ideas but are finding it difficult, or are quite simply hampered by a lack of time, to organise them and produce a cogent piece we can help. Just jot down the ideas and send them over to us, we will give you a comprehensive story. Imagine the time and trouble we save for you, at unbeatable prices!

But we also give you the guarantee that if you do not want any rewriting and that you would like your style to be retained, there will be no deviation whatsoever. We will keep our role in such instances limited to eliminating mistakes, grammatical or factual.

We do not believe in making unnecessary changes, as we are aware that too much of rewriting where that is not required may result in needless complications and delay the release of the end product.

Translations. Currently, our translation work is limited to English translation from Tamil, Filipino and Spanish, and vice versa. The scope can range from movie scripts and sub-titling to books and speeches.

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